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All our products are eco-friendly. For us all details are important in order  to minimize the environmental impact by supplying all our plants with renewable sources and creating green areas surrounding the context in which we operate.


ordinary and extraordinary

We studied difference maintenance solutions in order to  assure efficiency and safety of our doors:

Basic: 1 maintenance each year

Silver: 1 maintenance each year + 30% discount on  pricelist spare parts

GOLD: 1 maintenance each year + 30% discount on  pricelist spare parts + and replacement of worn parts under guaranty

Officine Lario

Looks ahead...

From years Officine Lario gives its contribute to promote several  local sport and cultural associations.


Incentives for your purchases

Buy our products allows you to enter the circuit Lyoness. A network of selected suppliers than repay your confidence and let you see a money back immediately. The more you buy the more you save.


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